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Spill the Tea Marriage & Family Therapy


Spill the Tea Marriage & Family Therapy
Spill the Tea Marriage & Family Therapy

Something brought you here...

You're hurting...

Your relationship is falling apart...

Your heart is broken...

You just can't live this way anymore...

Your Pain Stops Here

Meet Your Therapist


Ok Chrissy, are YOU the right fit for me?

SO glad you asked! Ugh, finding the "right" therapist is hard! I want you to know that my goal as a therapist, and as a person, is to be the same "Chrissy" in all situations. So, one thing I can say about myself is that I am Relatable For real, come in, take off your shoes and feel free to criss-cross your legs on that couch! I want to create a space that makes both you and I feel like “Ahhhh, therapy, what a relief!” To do that, I really try and be exactly who I am. My hope is that this allows you to be exactly who you are and feel safe to talk about hard stuff.

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How can I


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Marriage and Family Therapy


I am best known by my clients for my level of engagement and direct feedback. I love entering into the situation with you. I never want my clients to feel like they are walking through the depths of their struggle alone. I make the therapeutic experience as enlightening as it is enjoyable. Laughter is infectious in the room and is prioritized as part of the process.

You’re being drawn here for a reason. Trust yourself. Trust that you know what you need at this moment in your life. 

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