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Spill the Tea Marriage & Family Therapy

Growth is no longer returning to those who harmed you hoping they will heal you

My Therapy Style...

I am direct, in a gentle way haha! I will not hesitate to shoot you straight. I firmly believe in getting what you pay for, so I will not waste anyone’s time and call it like I see it. I’ve been told I am kind-hearted, warm, attentive, motivating, intuitive, and funny! Think warm mom vibe mixed with ride or die best friend. There are so many things that can feel hard and awkward about therapy, but I promise, I do my best to make this a valuable experience.

Chrissy Barlahan

...Approach to Treatment 

I work from an Emotion Focused perspective. This guides a lot of my couples work because it focuses on learning to communicate with one another in a way that provides comfort and security. It uses attachment theory to navigate how mom, dad, or caretaker have played a role in shaping you and your relationship with others. I have extensive training in this area and have seen the success couples have had using this model

Background & Education... 


I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach. From there, I went into the field of behavioral therapy. I spent 7+ years working directly with children with Autism and their families as a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst. This just means that the board recognizes that I am skilled and specialized in working with this population. 


I have a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University and have spent 4 years working as a therapist treating couples and individual adults. 

In total, I have spent more than 10+ years working in the mental health field and have a wealth of knowledge to share! 

**Just don’t ask me about kids and sleep. Can’t help you. Our kids sleep in our room and we can’t get them out. Send help.**


My Real Life...

“As long as you’re being your authentic self,

not being liked by certain people is literally a blessing.”

                                 -Marym Hasnaa 

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