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Individual Therapy...

You  can’t  make  someone  love  you  by  giving  them  more 
of  what  they  already  don’t  appreciate

Chrissy Barlahan

Motherhood                                  Life Transitions.                         Religious Trauma

Work                                        Narcissistic Abuse                  Attachment Issues 

Relationship Issues                   Self-Esteem                              Stress

Life Coaching                           Spirituality                              Infidelity

Co-Dependence                         Dating                                      A Break-up 

Are you a Millennial Women in the Trenches of...

Look ladies, I GET IT! I promise! Let’s get you back to feeling like yourself. Let’s get you back to living life abundantly. Let’s get you back to the You that you know or the You that you want to be. I got you. I want to walk with you in your darkest moments, because I’ve walked that path. I’ve blazed the trail! I want to make sure you don’t feel like you have to walk that path alone. Let me get in the trenches with you. Let me guide you out.

Dating 3


Chrissy Barlahan

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Sliding into Dms

Shooting Your Shot


Hookup Culture

It's so hard out there!

Dating is so hard and I Love helping people navigate that world. I am here to help you date smarter and healthier! I can help you feel confident about dating, and more importantly, confident in your ability to vet a potential partner!

Spill the Tea Marriage & Family Therapy
Chrissy Barlahan
Spill the Tea Marriage & Family Therapy
Spill the Tea Marriage & Family Therapy

Co-dependency is feeling the over responsibility for others. When you live life in co-dependence, you let everything outside of you determine your value. You give up You to be loved by others. When you do this, it’s like saying, “You get to decide how I feel about me.”


This leads to a constant feeling of burn out and abandonment of self! Let’s change that! Let’s get you out of co-dependence and start owning the parts of your life that are yours to own!

Definition :                   Co-Dependence : I'm not ok, if you're not ok 


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